Health & Wellness Business

Boss Empire is a community to empower women providing resources and tools to tap into their full earning potential by enhancing their skills and talents. The Health and Wellness industry is one avenue Stephanie Elise is helping women dominate. Learn more about our health and wellness products. Build with her today !

Income Tax Business

As a financial service provider of over twenty years Stephanie Elise can position you as a tax professional and help you build your own tax business. The support of her devoted team of seasoned tax professionals, IT experts, and technical support staff, all dedicated to supporting our partners’ overall success. Build with her today !

Shapewear Business

Learn, Start and Grow your shapewear business Now! By 2025 the industry is forecast to reach a value of over one billion dollars in the U.S. CEO of Pretty Girls Waisted, Stephanie Elise is a industry leader and has sustained a successful shapewear brand for several years. Build with her today !

Landscaping Business

Snow removal, grass cutting, gutter removal, are all part of landscaping. Stephanie Elise will give you the tools in helping you in getting customers and will show you the different services and avenues to start your own business. Build with her today !